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Frequently asked questions

What is the Minimum Amount of Time I Can Leave My Vehicle in Storage With You?

Our minimum storage term is 8 Weeks. You are more than welcome to remove it from storage within that time, however you will still be charged for the whole 8 Weeks.

When am I Able to Drop off or Collect My Vehicle or Trailer?

We can facilitate drop-offs and collections 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as long as it is arranged at least 24 hours in advance! Call us on (07) 3557 9800 to find out more, or alternatively email us at

How Do I Pay My Storage Fees?

We operate an fully automated direct debit system, on a month to month basis. If you wish to have the monthly amount debited from your credit/debit card, that will attract a 2.5% fee.

If your payment is just a one-off, then we can accept up-front payment via EFTPOS upon drop-off.

Will My Fees Increase Over the Duration of My Storage Term?

At Autohouse Storage, we strive to offer the best value storage solution for your prized asset. We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding service for the best value against our competitors. That said, we too have our own costs that inflate each year, so very occassionally passing on a small price increase may be unavoidable.

How Does Insurance Work Whilst My Vehicle is in Storage?

It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have adequete insurance cover for their asset whilst it is in storage with us. Our own insurance policy does not cover our customers items stored at our facility. In an event such as fire, theft, extreme weather event or malicous damage, it will be up to the customers own insurance policy to cover any damage or loss.

It is imperative that you notify your insurance company of your storage arrangments with us. Include details such as our address, type of storage (indoor or outdoor), and our security features (back-to-base alarm system, CCTV, bollards etc).

Is the Facility in a Flood-free Area?

Yes absolutely! We are on a raised block within an area that didnt see any flooding in either the '74 or '11 floods.

Can I Access My Vehicle Whilst In Storage?

Of course! Just as long as you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice of your intention to do so.

Can I Flush Out/Wash Down My Boat Myself at Your Facility?

Of course - if its coming straight from the boat ramp to us you can use our wash bay facility yourself, absolutely free of charge!

You will need to provide your own cleaning products (bucket, sponge, detergents etc).

Can I Have Maintainence Carried Out On My Asset Whilst in Storage?

We do permit basic maintainence procedures (eg. basic servicing, minor repairs) at our facility. A minimum of 12 hours notice is required to ensure we can position your vehicle or trailer where it can be worked on.

If Im Selling My Asset, Can I Conduct Inspections at Your Facility?

Yes of course - so long as a minimum of 12 hours notice is given to us.

Can I Bring My Own Cover?

Of course! Whilst we do our best to supress dust from our facility, we still highly recomend a good quality cover for your asset. We also sell a range of dust covers available for purchase!

Can I Use My Own Battery Charger?

Unfortunately we do not permit this. We do however sell our own battery conditioners to use on your asset while its staying with us. Charging & Monitoring for the duration of your storage is included in the purchase price.

Do You Qualify to Store Self-Managed Superfund (SMSF) Investment Vehicles?

We sure do! As a professional storage operation we qualify under the Government regulations to house an SMSF vehicle.

What Security Systems Do You Have In Place?

For Indoor Storage:
- Back-to-Base Alarm System, monitored by Chubb 24-7
- Security bollards accross all warehouse roller doors
- Multi-Camera CCTV System
- Supervised customer access only to warehouse

For Outdoor Storage:
- Multi-Camera CCTV System
- Security Sensor Lights
- Gate locked outside of business hours