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The Driver's Guide: Brisbane's Best Cruising Road Destinations

If your faithful weekender is not tucked away in car storage, we sincerely hope you are out there using it what it was meant for! Brisbane is gifted with several different scenic mountainous routes to take for a Saturday morning coffee run or Sunday afternoon escape. You only need to travel 15 minutes from the CBD before you find yourself winding through pristine bushland and forestry - how many major capital cities can boast that? Being avid weekend drivers, we thought we'd share our favourite go-to cruising destinations - all within easy reach of Brisbane!

Mt Glorious/Mt Nebo

Only 20 minutes from Brisbane CBD, the Nebo/Glorious run is popular for good reason

The famous Glorious/Nebo trail is a go-to for any avid Driver, Motorcyclist or even Cyclist. Entering at either The Gap or Samford, this route offers versatility in distance - whether it be a short coffee run to the Mt Nebo Cafe, or a far longer journey that can either lead to north to Mt Mee or south toward Wivenhoe Dam. Stretching through the captivating D'Aguilar State Forest, this piece of tarmac offers an excellent mix of corner radius' to really test out your machine. Our favourite part is the section beyond the Mt Glorious Cafe, through the D'down to Red Cedar Park. As you traverse down the mountain there are some road topography that almost rival the famous European Alpine passes.

Just ensure you drive carefully - like any mountain road its dangerous up there, and if you depart the black stuff at anytime expect to hit a tree or dive down a cliff. Fatalities are certainly not uncommon up there, with approximately 20 road-accident deaths since 2011.

particularly amongst Motorcyclists, with several deaths even just this year. The speed limit is a fairly liberal 80km/h most of the way, and to be honest we certainly don't recommend trying to push it any further than that. Don't forget police tend to target the road at popular cruising times, in particular early in the morning.

BONUS TIP: Find yourself on a hot summers day? Then cool off in Brisbane's hidden gem of a Watering Hole - the Enoggera Reservoir. It can be be found behind Brisbane Forest Park at the foot of Mt Glorious at The Gap.

Take a cheeky dip Enoggera Reservoir

Mt Coot-Tha

Brisbane's best view - and only 10 minutes from the CBD

Looking for a quick blast thats only 10 minutes from the CBD, Mt Coot-The can provide! This is certainly a low speed affair, particularly on Scenic Drive, which is strictly 50km/h (and a haven for speed cameras). Instead of taking the left onto Scenic Drive, stay on Sir Samuel Griffith Drive and take the back route, passed JC Slaughter Falls and past the famous (or maybe infamous) TV towers.

Mt Mee

As far as quality of cruising roads go in the Greater Brisbane Region, they don't get much better than Mt Mee. Forming part of the spectacular D'Aguilar Range and overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains, this Driver/Biker haven can be found only 90 mins North-West of Brisbane.

Mt Mee really has it all - picturesque country townships, an array of local cafes, bushwalking, waterfalls & rock pools and of course mountain roads snaking between green pastures. From the CBD take the A3 to Bald Hills then split left onto A58 towards Petrie. Pass through Dayboro and then follow the signs to Mt Mee. From there on, enjoy the glorious sweeping roads the mountain has to offer. Be sure to make some time for the amazing lookout at the top!

Somerset Lookout, Mt Mee


Nothing beats cutting through the glorious pastures of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

The hidden rainforest vibe Maleny gives to its occupants is like no other. The rolling green hills give life to some magically dips and bends, with a fine selection of tarmac carving through the pastured peaks and valleys. Our go-to Maleny trip is to cruise from Brisbane via Mt Mee, stopping for lunch at one of the Beer Breweries it has to offer, such as Brouhaha Brewery (be sure to try their Middle of the Road Oatmeal Pale Ale).

Be sure to drop into Brouhaha for a bite and few beers (but not too many!)

Our Go-To Morning Glorious/Nebo Circuit

- Start at the bottom of Mt Nebo

- Venture up to Mt Glorious for a coffee at the Cafe

- Continue on until you reach Wivenhoe damn and go onto Fernvale (maybe even grab a pie at the famous Old Fernvale Bakery)

- Head back down the Warrego and into Brisbane

Thanks for reading!

Lachlan & Paul from Autohouse.

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